Friday, 6 April 2018

Snow 2.0

After a day photographing wildlife in the snow (images can be seen in my post a couple of weeks ago) I was back out over the weekend in the hunt for more photos. This time I headed out to the coast, but was unsuccessful in finding many subjects. In the car on the way home, however, I was surprised to see a Barn Owl drift across the road in front of me, and land on a fence post near the road. Luckily it let me make a close enough approach for some photos, before taking off to hunt over the grassland. Snow on the ground is great for photographing birds as it reflects light back up onto the underside of birds removing the shadows you often get.

During the afternoon I was out again, driving around the rural land near me. I was looking to see if I could find anything out in the open that would let me get images of it against a pure white background. After half an hour I spotted some Grey Partridges in a roadside field, so pulled over and started photographing them. There were 3 birds, giving me opportunities to photograph just individual birds on their own, or include groups. As well as this, two of them kept chasing each other through the snow too.

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