Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Red Deer

I haven't taken many pictures for ages, so on seeing that the forecast a couple of weekends ago was for clear skies, I headed down to Richmond Park for dawn to photograph the Red Deer rut. Living so close, I end up going every year, but it does get very busy. One morning this year I counted 36 photographers all photographing the same stag, so then it can get quite difficult making sure there are no people in your backgrounds!

Anyway, when I arrived there was a fairly thick layer of mist over the ground, so I positioned myself to photograph into the sun as it came up. Unfortunately it didn't work out how I'd hoped, so I didn't really get anything. I then moved so I was photographing with the light, but noticed this stag bellowing from the shade. The painterly colours appealed to me, so I took a few shots of it.
When the sun did hit it, it was lovely warm light.

I'm off to Iceland on holiday within the next 6 weeks, so will be taking my camera kit there. Hopefully I'll be able to get some nice shots while I'm there.

Thanks for reading.