Saturday, 28 July 2012

Skomer Puffins part 1

Following on from my last couple of posts with images from my trip to Skomer at the beginning of July, I only have the Puffins to come. As there are a lot of them, I think I'm going to split them into two or three posts, the first of which will be Puffins with sandeels:

More in a couple of days...

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Small birds from Skomer

Following on from my last post, there were also a lot of small birds present on Skomer, like Meadow Pipits, Sedge Warblers, and Whitethroats.

Meadow Pipits:

Sedge Warbler:

And a couple of Swallows which were around the houses on the road down to the landing station:

Next time, I'll have some Puffins to show

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Friday, 20 July 2012

Seabirds from Skomer

I recently returned from staying two nights on Skomer. It's a fantastic island, and what's especially good is that by staying overnight you have the island to yourself (except for the wardens, a few volunteers, and the other overnight guests) up until 10am, and from about 4.30pm. Here a few shots of seabirds other than Puffins.

First up a couple of Guillemots:

And a couple of Razorbills:

And now a couple of a rather unusual find, a Manx Shearwater out of its burrow in daylight.

Here's a few of the ubiquitous Lesser Black-backed Gulls

And last but not least, a Kittiwake in front of one of the hides:

Next time I'll have some more Skomer shots to show.

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