Monday, 28 September 2015

Summer Photography

Over the Summer I spent some time photographing wildlife local to me in London, and the first of these subjects was Badgers, an animal I have wanted to photograph for some time. Somewhat fortuitously I stumbled across some a short drive from my house so spent every evening for a couple of weeks out there with them. Below are a selection of images from that time.

I also had the idea to try for some wide angle images so every night for over a week had a camera and a couple of flashes out, to be triggered by some pocket wizards lent to me very kindly by a friend. Despite placing the camera under some plum trees, where the badgers would spend several hours every night, they would go nowhere near the camera. I was stood away from the camera watching them through binoculars and would see them go almost-but-not-quite near enough to mean I could trigger the camera. After that I was away for nearly 6 weeks so haven't managed to get back there yet, but it's something I'll definitely by trying again with next year!

The other species I spent a lot of time photographing was Little Owls in Richmond Park. Unfortunately for me this meant 4am wake ups were required so I could get to the park in time for sunrise, and after a couple of those in a row I would be absolutely exhausted! It was all worth it when I'd arrive to see the owlets, with no-one else around.

Next time I'll have some stuff from later in the Summer, when I spent some time in Suffolk, and then Yellowstone!

Thanks for looking.